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20 RenMin Lu
Dali Old Town, Yunnan, China

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Climb Dali Staff

  Climb Dali Staff

Climb Dali Staff - Adam

Adam is the founder and manager of Climb Dali. He has five years of rock climbing experience, is certified by the Professional Association of Climbing Instructors (PACI), and has completed a SOLO wilderness first aid course. Before coming to Dali, Adam lived for a year in Yangshuo - China's very own climbing paradise. In founding Climb Dali, Adam's goal has always been to turn Dali into a top climbing destination in China, and to create a positive atmosphere for climbers and travelers.

Climb Dali Staff - Colleen

Colleen is one of the co-founders of Climb Dalii. She is in charge of arranging  trips for customers and building partnerships with local organizations. She stays busy by trying to keep up with the neverending stream of paperwork required by the local government. Her bargaining and negotiation skills are second to none.



Climb Dali - Dane

Dane is our Director of Safety, which is slightly ironic given his penchant for soloing and traditional climbing. Originally from Saskatchewan, Dane honed his climbing skills in Squamish. He is responsible for developing safe anchors, safety protocols, and developing risk management systems for ClimbDali.


Climb Dali Staff - A Peng

 A-Peng is the latest addition to the Climb Dali team, having completed one month of intensive training in Yangshuo. When he's not climbing, A-Peng enjoys beating Adam at pool,  and parsing the nuances of English grammar.




Climb Dali - jackJack is an assistant guide for ClimbDali. Having tired of Lijiang, Jack arrived in Dali hungry for adventure. Among other things, he has helped raise the proportion of staff members that are vegetarian to 50%. Jack is originally from GuangXi province (not far from Yangshuo), and it's no wonder that he completed his first lead climb after only top-roping once. 


Climb Dali - Paul


Paul arrived from the Ukraine in the spring of 2011, and brings a wealth of experience to ClimbDali from years as a rafting and climbing guide in Turkey. Paul manages ClimbDali group activities, and is the only person in Dali prefecture (Chinese or foreign) that can repair a fiberglass kayak. He has a great sense of humor honed from summers at anarchist camp.

San Ge is the closest Dali has to a Superman. A member of Dali's Bai ethnic minority, he is fluent in several local dialects,and basically knows everybody. He helps out Climb Dali by receiving customers in ShuangLang and leading them up to the crag. When he's not available himself, he can always be counted on to track someone else down, like the time he called upon his 65-year-old uncle to lead a nine-hour hike to JiZuShan.


Climb Dali Staff - Xiao Xin

Xiao Xin lives at the Sky & Sea Lodge and likes to follow climbers up to the Shuang Lang crag. Usually, he will dehydrate himself in the process, and be too exhausted to help out with belaying.




Climb Dali is growing rapidly and looking for enthusiastic and hard-working people to join our team. Click here to see what positions we currently have available.