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20 RenMin Lu
Dali Old Town, Yunnan, China

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Local Partners
Sky & Sea Lodge - Cozy guest house on Dali's ErHai Lake
Jade Emu Guesthouse - Popular guesthouse in Dali Old Town
Horse Pen 46 - Shaxi Guesthouse for adventurous travelers
Red Rock Trek - Specialty trekking service (Tea-Horse Road)
Dali 360 - Art, videos, music from a Dali Resident
Mandarin Books - The best bookstore in Dali
Jolie Adventure - Tours around Yunnan, Sichuan, Tibet
The Dali Hump - Guesthouse / Community Center in Dali
Dali House Rental - Luxury Villas for rent in Dali/Lijiang
China Eco-Tour - Long-distance tours in China, Tibet
Dali Hash House Harriers: Running/Drinking Club
Little Po Adventures: Active Journeys, True Connections
Friends Guesthouse Youth Hostel & Gogo Cafe: Popular Guesthouse in Dali 
Climbing Clubs
Climbing in China (Qingdao)
Karst Climber (Yangshuo)
Wild Great Wall - Organizes great wall hiking and camping tours
Best China Climbing Blogs
China, Asia, Climbing and Fixed Gear Bikes - Beginner’s Guide to Rock Climbing in Yangshuo