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20 RenMin Lu
Dali Old Town, Yunnan, China

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Climbing Equipment Rental

If you're planning on signing up for any of our trips / courses, this page isn't for you, since all of our programs include equipment. 

On the other hand, what if you're already an experienced climber, but you didn't known there was rock climbing in Dali? What if you're traveling light, or forgot to bring a certain piece of gear?

In that case, you're in luck! Climb Dali has (UIAA certified) equipment for rent, and can help you to buy equipment though one of the wholesalers that we have relationships with. We also sell chalk for ¥10 per block.

Climb Dali - Climbing Equipment and Shoes

Rental prices are as follows: 

Item Price Per        Day
Shoes    ¥20
Harness    ¥30
Rope    ¥80
Set of Quickdraws    ¥80
Carabiner    ¥10
Belay Device    ¥10
Helmet    ¥20
Chalk Bag and Chalk    ¥10
Full Set for Two people (2 pairs of shoes, 2 harnesses, 2 chalk bags, 1 rope, 1 set of quickdraws, 2 carabiners, 1 sling, ATC)    ¥220