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Office Phone:
Cell Phone:
20 RenMin Lu
Dali Old Town, Yunnan, China

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How to Find Us

The Climb Dali office and bouldering club is located in Dali Old Town, Yunnan Province, China. You can find information on getting to Dali on the Information-For-Travelers section of the website. Once you've arrived in Dali, you can find us by following RenMin Lu (People's Road) away from the CangShan Mountains and towards ErHai Lake.

Climb Dali Map

If you're coming from the East Gate (Dong Men), walk towards the mountains, past the Smile Bar and the Six-Mix Guesthouse. 

If you're coming from the west side of town (where most of the guesthouses, restaurants, and travel agencies are located) or from FuXing Road,  please follow RenMin Lu east, past the intersection with YeYu Road.

Either way, you will see a giant sign advertising "Climb Dali" across from a bicycle rental shop. Turn here, and you will immediately see another sign directing you the remaining 30 meters. 

Climb Dali - RenMin Lu Location