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Climbing Courses / Instruction

For those that have climbed a little before and want to take their climbing to the next level, we have designed several instructional courses. The emphasis is on hands-on teaching, and our goal is to create self-sufficient and confident climbers.  Time is spent on the ground learning skills that you will then practice on the rock, under the supervision of a professional guide. The goal is to spend as much time climbing as possible, since experience is the best way to improve.

As with our adventure programs, all of the courses include transportation, equipment (including climbing shoes), and guides. Please contact us if you'd like more information and/or would like to make a reservation.

Climb Dali - At the Crag


Climb Dali - Tie the Knot

Top-Roping Course (Full Day):    350RMB/Person

This course will give you a great head start on becoming a safe and competent climber. Designed for those new to the sport as well as climbers that want to improve their fundamental skils, participants gain exposure to the techniques and equipment required to rock climb with the highest degree of safety in mind. The course provides an introduction to ratings, equipment, climbing knots, belaying, rappelling, rope handling, anchors, and movement on rock. Learning and climbing go hand in hand, so participants can expect to spend plenty of time on the rock, under the security of a top-rope. For those interested, we are also happy to teach you the basics of rappelling (abseiling). Applying your new skills of top-roping and belaying, you will help build a rappel and then step out over the edge and lower yourself to the ground.

Climb Dali -  BelayLead Climbing Course (2 days): 

Ever wonder how a route is climbed without the security of a top-rope? Tie in directly to the rope with confidence and clip your own protection, after learning to lead climb with one of our guides. We show novice lead climbers how to maximize safety, addressing the major causes of accidents and how to avoid them. The focus is on sport climbing, and covers topics such as rope management, setting and cleaning anchors, dynamic belaying, falling, and handling anxiety.

The goal of this course is to turn you into a competent lead climber, so that in the future you can go climbing without the assistance of a guide. FYI - this course is designed for those that have a reasonably strong background in climbing. If you aren't sure whether it's appropriate for you, please contact us for more information.


Climb Dali - BinChuanAdvanced Instruction:

This course is geared for those of you that are serious about  rock climbing. While the course is completely tailored to your level and expectations, potential topics range from technical leading skills to building a traditional anchor for abseiling, from catching hard falls to pushing your limits as a climber. This course is ideal for those who have some lead climbing experience but are still quite nervous on lead. It is also ideal for experienced gym lead climbers that want exposure to outdoor climbing.